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Please see these videos for an overview of how to use the applications
StickerJam overview
StickerJam Hearts overview

How do I email a composition?
First, save your composition to the Photos application. Then, from within the Photos application, find your composition and tap the button on the left side of the toolbar. The "Email Photo" option will appear.

Is my work saved?
Yes. Your work is saved automatically any time you exit the application.

In what format are images saved?
Images are saved to the Photos application as .JPG.

How do I add a sticker to my composition?
From the initial screen, touch the button in the lower left corner, and a rack of sticker packs will appear. Tap a sticker pack, and you will see a sheet of stickers. Tap any sticker in the pack, and the sticker will animate from the sticker sheet onto your composition.

In which languages is the application available?
Currently, the application is available in English, though we are working to support more languages.

How do I move a sticker that I've brought into my composition?
Touch the sticker you would like to move. Keep your finger on the sticker, and the sticker will darken and "pop" upwards. Drag the sticker to its new location and then lift your finger.


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